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An organization’s employer brand is often in the hands of its candidates and employees. And, when it comes to employer review sites, the fate of your employer brand is – quite literally – at their fingertips. In fact, according to data from Workplace Trends, 72% of job-seekers share their experience on online employer review sites like Glassdoor. As recruitment uss express reviews processes and the world of work continue to take digital shifts, employer review sites will become increasingly important in making or breaking a candidate’s decision to join your organization. In doing so, you’ll improve your employer brand by creating a strong employer brand and a positive presence where it counts – and where it makes a difference.

Top-tier candidates are going to Google you before they submit their resumes, and one of their stops will be Glassdoor. The bliss score is determined by answers to questions about job satisfaction, employee happiness, and salary. They do have a job board, so you can see available jobs, but their biggest benefit to the user is the job review board which is entirely propelled by user-generated content. These are ten of the most common and most popular company review sites.

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You might quickly recognize the job isn’t a good fit by looking at the reviews and salary data. Or, you might feel the company reviews culture doesn’t align with what you’re looking for in your next job, saving both you and the recruiter some time.

  • Framing your response in this way makes it more difficult for the reviewer to argue against what you have to say.
  • And this is probably true, but you need to also protect your professional reputation.
  • It’s easy to forget in your job search that it’s not just about finding a job — it’s finding a place where you can thrive.
  • If you’re just looking for jobs that you can do during the summer or until something better comes along, then you might not care what people have to say about the company.
  • But it hasn’t been until recent years that public yet anonymous employer reviews, such as those on Glassdoor, have added a new dimension to what reputation management means.

And, while both types of reviews can be easy to view and dismiss, leaving thoughtful replies is a guaranteed way to show candidates and employees that you care – regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative. In fact, 80% of job-seekers who read reviews on Glassdoor say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review.

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employer reviews

It’s important to know where job seekers doing their research so you can manage your employer brand and reputation. Company review sites are a top resource for job seekers.

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Here are five leading websites providing employer reviews. Not a whole lot other than to focus on correcting the problem identified, advises Osterhaus.

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Jobcase is a social media platform that focuses on users in the United States. There are discussion boards, company reviews, user profiles, job listings, and more. A job review site is a place where people go to review their jobs and, most importantly, the company they work for. These company review sites should actually be a big part of your job search, especially reviews if you’re looking for a career or a job you’ll stay with for a long time. Kununu ratings will now be integrated directly into company profiles on the job board. To date, the site has 2.4 million reviews for 641,490 employers. Kununu tries to differentiate itself from Glassdoor by offering up access to all reviews and areas of the site without needing to log in.