Dopesick 2021

The movie is based on journalist Beth Macy’s book watch dopesick online, Doctors and the Drug Company That Addicted America. It delves into the actual events that took place during a span of almost 20 years and how one company not only triggered the opioid crisis but was responsible for drugging the Americans. Company Purdue Pharma and its pain medication opioid OxyContin! There are on an average 50,000 deaths happen every year due to an overdose of opioid medications!!! In September, the owners of Purdue Pharma- Sacklers who made billions won the immunity from the lawsuit!!! Just 2 days ago in a sweeping settlement, the Sackler family was stripped off of the ownership of the company and was ordered to devote a hefty sum if $10 billion to the fight against opioid crisis tgat has killed around 500,000 Americans over the past 2 decades.

Crisp plot, however, it does lack characterization.. Also, the recurring time frame sequences that cause the frequent time jumps in the story may make you jettison but if seen as a documentary series than the narrative does not seem muddled. Brilliant cast esp Michael Keaton whose poise is commendable and perfect for the role. A must watch.. available on Hulu.

One thing that many of the negative reviewers forget when they go on their current-day diatribes about big pharm is that this movie STARTS over 20 years ago. Pharmaceuticals weren’t as they are today. It shows how the door was allowed to open, causing this country to be in the situation we’re in today with the Big Parm and incessant pill pushing. MONEY TALKS. Nothing else matters. Not the FDA, CDC, you name the letters. $$$ This method of running a planet needs to stop!

Michael Keaton is, as always, very good. We are blessed that he came back to doing what he does best. This series is honest, emotional, raw, sad and frightening. Do the one month free subscription to HULU and watch it. (and Only Murders in the Building. But that’s another review 🙂

1000-lb Sisters 2020

The trick is to wear black clothes as the color black has a slimming effect on the eye. Another gimmick is to wear clothing with vertical stripes which has this same effect. If they would just sit up straighter it would help them to appear thinner.

This is a classic example of how you look at life. Do you see the glass as half full, or half empty? In their household, if the glass is anything but completely empty, that is due to the fact that it is pointing downward into an open mouth. You can replace “glass” with “industrial size can of mayonnaise” and it still holds true.

I think the title is very misleading to the point of false advertising. 1000 lb sisters season 3 implies that they both weigh in at a thousand pounds when in fact, together they don’t even reach that hallowed threshold. Granted, they come close to that mark together, so the show should be called “1000-lb of Sisters” or something to that effect that shows it’s a group effort. Can’t they find two sisters who weigh 1,000 pound each? Did they even try? Then they could change the name of the show to the more poetic, “A Ton of Sisters,” which is much better than the current, rather prosaic title.

Given that all these shows are completely scripted, from the Kilchers to the pawn brokers, ghost hunters, and everyone else, one wonders if the producers want these two women to look brain-dead, or if they found them that way. One is told not to get pregnant, so she does. The other is told she is going die, gets cut loose by one doctor, and resents that the next expects her to lose weight before surgery. Or maybe they’ve been told to play the stereotype role of poor southerners.

I have a hunch that the series will come to an end when the one does die. It would be too bad, but at least the show is paying for their treatment, plus close to 5 figures an episode to take to the bank.